REEd Center UC Davis

REEd is a University of California Davis-based intermediary committed to moving research findings into practice and to building the capacity of K-12 education systems to improve teaching and learning and reduce inequities. I worked with REEd to create a new name and brand identity, creating a metaphorical tie between the Sacramento Delta ecosystem and the improvement of California’s educational system.


Brand Story

REEd stands for “Resourcing Excellence in Education”, which describes the activities of the REEd center in the School of Education at the University of California, Davis. In addition to its functional meaning, the name makes a metaphorical connection with the “reed”, the slender marsh grasses that are native to the Sacramento Delta region where UC Davis is located. 

Just as the health of the Delta ecosystem is key to the wellbeing of the entire watershed, excellent K-16 education is key to the health of our society. The roots and leaf structures of the reed are a keystone of the wetland ecosystem. Likewise, REEd provides a network of support for building capacity in California’s school system.

The REEd wordmark is simple, modern and friendly. Sans serif REEd logotype incorporates blue, gold and green corresponding with the associated words in its descriptor. The “d” in “Ed” has been styled as a graphic interpretation of a wetland grass leaf-form.