New Agency

My evolving relationship with New Agency started at the very beginning of my career in communications design. I was a creative associate and project lead under my mentor Marianna Leuschel at her branding agency L Studio before she started New Agency, a consultancy that works with leaders who are guiding their organizations and industries into a sustainable future.

I had the honor of working with Marianna during the launch of New Agency to articulate its vision and positioning. I generated creative concepts, visual design and copy for the website. I am privileged to partner with New Agency on an ongoing basis on projects, including the Manomet Story and brand awareness for the Santa Clara Valley’s working lands.  

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Excerpt from the New Agency website.

“Change takes place in the imagination before it can take form in the real world.

It starts as an emotion, an inkling, a thought, an idea. Ideas activate, and action leads to outcomes. In order to create the world we want to live in — where all 8 billion of us can thrive, care for other species and sustain our planet — we must first envision it, and then get to work.”

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I regularly partner with New Agency on projects like these:


Santa Clara Valley Identity of Place

Otherwise known as Silicon Valley and the capital of the tech economy, the Santa Clara Valley was once known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight and was home to acres of orchards, vegetable fields, vineyards and rangelands. Economic pressures on agricultural land and open space in the region make it imperative for the county to plan ahead for sustainable growth that protects the region’s endangered sense of place and ecosystems services. I have collaborated with New Agency on brand identity and brand awareness for this unique place.


The Manomet Story

Over the past 50 years, this organization has evolved from a bird observatory into a relational science organization that works on sustainability across many sectors, from forests to grocery stores to shipping. I worked with New Agency to articulate the nuanced story of how this small organization crosses economic and ideological divides to make our world more sustainable.


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