project stories

Indigo Architects

The work of ward-winning Indigo Architects integrates art, architecture and ecology, creating sustainable and regenerative buildings and landscapes that serve people and the environment. I have been working with Indigo since 2006, most recently repositioning the firm after the construction of their new office space, an adaptive reuse, net-zero energy building in downtown Davis, California. Based on this repositioning, we created a new website that highlighted the new office as a showcase of their bioregional approach to design, custom furnishings, and public art.

Saxelby Cheese

New York based Saxelby Cheese is the premier purveyor of fine American Farmstead cheeses sourced from small farms east of the Mississippi. I have been working with Saxelby since 2013, creating collateral that captures Saxelby's unique, eclectic voice and aesthetic.


Share the Path

The Share the Path campaign was initiated by a partnership among the County of Marin, City of Mill Valley, and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition to improve awareness, safety, access, and enjoyment on multiuse pathways across Marin County. Under L Studio, I worked on the project from initial concept through design, creating the name, identity, messaging, copy and design for the campaign and all it’s collateral, including website and environmental graphics.


Peregrine School

Peregrine School is a nonprofit, independent school for the 21st century that integrates the rigorous academics of a classical liberal arts education with child-centered, project-based learning, teaching children to be creative, critical thinkers. I have worked with Peregrine School since its founding in 2010, creating its logo, initial brand style guide and collateral. Most recently, I worked with Peregrine to design a color-scheme and supergraphic signage for it’s new facility.


Sayako Dairiki

Dairiki is a Japanese-born painter and mosaic artist living and working on a 40-acre ranch near Winters, California, in the foothills of the Coast Range. This quintessential landscape of rolling hills, oaks and sky is also her world of art and design. In approaching her online portfolio, we decided to highlight the importance of this unique place in the conception and creation of her work. I created a digital collage of Dairiki drawings and writings, as well as photographs of her environment on the homepage to illustrate the wellspring of her work: the interaction of the artist's unconscious mind and her physical environment.


REEd Center UC Davis

REEd is a University of California Davis-based intermediary committed to moving research findings into practice and to building the capacity of K-12 education systems to improve teaching and learning and reduce inequities. I worked with REEd to create a new name and brand identity, creating a metaphorical tie between the Sacramento Delta ecosystem and the improvement of California’s educational system.


Brand Story

REEd stands for “Resourcing Excellence in Education”, which describes the activities of the REEd center in the School of Education at the University of California, Davis. In addition to its functional meaning, the name makes a metaphorical connection with the “reed”, the slender marsh grasses that are native to the Sacramento Delta region where UC Davis is located. 

Just as the health of the Delta ecosystem is key to the wellbeing of the entire watershed, excellent K-16 education is key to the health of our society. The roots and leaf structures of the reed are a keystone of the wetland ecosystem. Likewise, REEd provides a network of support for building capacity in California’s school system.

The REEd wordmark is simple, modern and friendly. Sans serif REEd logotype incorporates blue, gold and green corresponding with the associated words in its descriptor. The “d” in “Ed” has been styled as a graphic interpretation of a wetland grass leaf-form.

Baroque Power Group

The Baroque Power Group is an art collective (founded in 2014) that endorsees Spinozan ethics, which proposes that all things partake of one substance. It is the ethical duty of the BPG to build energy, happiness and fulfillment for all beings through considered creative acts that bear this connectedness in mind. As a founding member of the BPG, I have created our brand identity, as well as collateral for our exhibitions, fundraisers and events.


Rooftop Salt

Rooftop Salt is New York City’s original rooftop salt farm. Rooftop salt derives its sea water from a salt-water well on Long Island and dries the salt using passive breezes and sunlight in drying houses on a roof in midtown. I worked with Rooftop Salt to develop brand identity and packaging concepts.